Bands Peoria, ILAre you a fan of live local music?

Do you enjoy checking out the latest bands in the area? Look no further than Brasky’s Bar & Grill! Here at Brasky’s, we’ve been hosting a rich variety of eclectic, fun bands in Peoria, IL for years. We’re well-known for our food and drink specials, and our band schedule keeps people coming back for more week after week. When you come to Brasky’s to see one of our bands, you’re guaranteed to have an incredible time – it’s our #1 goal to see that you do.

You can view our monthly or weekly calendar of events here on our website or simply give us a call to inquire about our concerts and other live events. We’re always happy to chat with you about our schedule here at Brasky’s!

Over the years, we’ve hosted dozens of bands from the Peoria, IL music scene. From soulful acoustic sets, to funky DJ nights, to folk and bluegrass, to smooth jazz, Brasky’s sees it all! Local musicians and bands love to play at Brasky’s – we always have a diverse and fun-loving crowd, delicious food and drink, and more. Brasky’s Bar & Grill is well-known for being one of the top local destinations for live music and fun!

If you’re a musician or local band from the Peoria, IL area, feel free to contact us for more information about playing at Brasky’s. We always welcome new talent and can likely make a space for you on our upcoming events calendar. Here at Brasky’s, our team is always on the lookout for the latest in live entertainment.

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Do you have a question about our event and live band schedule? Are you a local musician looking for a new space to play? Don’t hesitate to contact the Brasky’s Bar & Grill staff today! You will be sure to have great food and great entertainment!